Vegina tightening Cream

Causes of Vegina Looseness

The vagina naturally changes after giving birth, and might feel wider, dry or sore for some time. Find out what to expect and the ways you can help speed recovery.
Vegina tightening cream
When you give birth, the baby travels through the cervix and out through the vagina (also called the birth canal). The entrance to the vagina must stretch to allow the baby through. Sometimes the skin between the vagina and anus (the perineum) might tear or be cut by a doctor or midwife to allow the baby out. This is called an episiotomy.
After having a baby, it’s not unusual for women to feel that their vagina is more loose or dry than usual, and to have perineal pain or pain during sex. This page lists a few of the changes you might notice and tips on what you can do.

Dryness of Vagina

It’s normal for the vagina to feel dryer than usual after childbirth. This is linked to the lower levels of oestrogen in your body compared to when you were pregnant.
If you’ve started having sex again and the dryness is causing problems, you can use a lubricant – you can buy lubricant in pharmacies, supermarkets or online. If you’re using latex condoms, make sure the lubricant is water-based, because oil-based products (such as moisturiser and lotion) can make latex condoms tear or rip.
Vegina tightening cream

Pain during sex

There’s no right or wrong time to start having sex again after you’ve had a baby. Don’t rush into it. If sex hurts, it won’t be pleasurable. If your vagina feels dry, try a lubricant during sex to see if that helps.
If you have discomfort around your perineum,
It’s not unusual to feel less like having sex than you used to – you’ve given birth, you’re looking after a tiny baby and you’re probably feeling very tired. It’s important to talk about this with your partner, rather than just avoiding sex. If you both know what the situation is, you can deal with it together.

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Vegina tightening cream

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Vegina tightening cream