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Causes of weak Body or factor affect to increase weight

1. Amount of lean body mass: muscle, liver, brain, kidney all metabolize at a high rate at rest, and have high energy needs when more active.
2. Gender: males average a higher BMR because of a greater proportion of lean body mass.
3. Body temperature: fever, for example, increases BMR.
4. Thyroid hormone: higher amounts increase metabolic rate—but too much or too little of the hormone can cause significant health problems.
5. Age: metabolic rate declines with age.
6. Nutritional state: eating less, as in dieting, slows metabolic rate, at least in the short term.
7. Pregnancy/breast feeding: these increase metabolic rate—but not so much that you need to resort to “eating for two.”
8. Rapid growth and/or development—infancy, growth spurts, healing after illness or injury.
9. Caffeine and tobacco use: can increase metabolic activity.

weight management

Inadequate feeding habits, prolonged meal time gaps, poor selection of foods, increased physical activity without increasing the food intake can lead to energy deficit, are a few of the major reasons for being underweight. Other reasons can be malabsorption due to prolonged illness, diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, hormonal imbalances (hyperthyroidism) and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

How to increase weight Quickly for permanently

One is underweight when optimal calories are not ingested and excess calories are burnt. There are medical reasons why one may be underweight like hyperthyroidism (with high metabolic rate) or anaemia (whereby there is diminished appetite). If one has been of normal weight and then suddenly reduced, that is a totally different track of clinical investigation and nutrition therapy, into which we will not go. Here we will talk about those who are slimmer and are hoping to gain some weight

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